The Nexus: Fashioning a Sustainable Future

Recently, the university’s online magazine, The Nexus, wrote about the School of Design and Engineering’s collaborative work with WM (formerly Waste Management), EON, and Under Armour to develop sustainable practices for end-of-life apparel. It was a really engaging meeting of the minds. The departments involved included Textile Design, Engineering, Fashion Design, and Visual Communications. The students were broken up into four cross-disciplinary teams and each team presented their research and ideas periodically to a panel of experts from WM, EON, and Under Armour as well as a variety of professors. The students did a great job ideating, researching, making prototypes, and putting together dynamic presentations that truly wowed their audience. Read an excerpt below and click the link to read the whole article by Anna Batt over on The Nexus.

The fashion industry—fueled primarily by the rise of fast fashion—has a staggering impact on the planet. The industry generates enough textile waste to fill the Mall of America every six days, according to the Public Interest Research Group.

Undergraduate and graduate students from theKanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce recently developed solutions to improve these practices and move the industry toward more sustainable, circular textile systems. The project was sponsored by WM (formerly Waste Management) and supported by EON, a digital ID and technology service provider.

“Textile recycling is an important part of WM’s commitment to advancing sustainability and circularity,” says Raymond Randall, WM’s senior manager of textiles. “This grant project provided an opportunity for WM and EON to find intersections of learning for students to increase awareness around this topic. The volume of textile generated is both high and growing rapidly, increasing the need to retain the economic and environmental value of the materials.”


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