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Stoll presents to Textile Design

On November 6th, we were honored to have our guest, Jag Sodhi, of Stoll Knitting, present to us in the Textile Design studio. Stoll, based in Germany, is one of the leading developers and producers of advanced...

Interview with a Grad Student: Ben Jones

For the final installment of our Interview Series for this semester, we have an interview with Ben Jones, a weaver in the graduate program of Textile Design. Ben is a force of energy in the studio and his...

Thesis + Capstone Exhibition of Textile Design

The Textile Design department invites you to our Thesis + Capstone Exhibition at The Design Center on Friday, Dec 13th from 4-7 pm. We are excited and proud to showcase the work of Undergraduate students Ryan...

When Science and Textiles Meet in a Bright Student

We are happy to have one of our students showcased in Thomas Jefferson University’s newsletter, The Nexus. The following is an excerpt from an article by Mike Bederka about Heather Kelly, a graduate...

Textile Design


The Nexus: Fashioning a Sustainable Future

Recently, the university’s online magazine, The Nexus, wrote about the School of Design and Engineering’s collaborative work with WM (formerly Waste Management), EON, and Under […]

Textile Design Exhibition Fall 2023

On Friday, December 8, 2023, Textile Design students graduating with their Master’s or Bachelor’s in Science exhibited their work at the Design Center. It was […]

Textile Design with 6th Graders!

For a refreshing change of pace, professors Marcia Weiss and Meghan Kelly and undergrad student Hannah Shaub spent time this semester teaching textile design to […]

Projects & Student Portfolios

Siyu Mao | MS Textile Design, 2021

Congratulations to Mao! Mao’s work was inspired by the dichotomy of minimalism and maximalism, of excess and the absence of matter. The title of her […]

Isabel Ramos | MS Textile Design, 2021

Congratulations to Isabel Ramos, who completed her degree in Textile Design. She focused on the 3-dimensional aspects of machine knitting and brought many prototypes to […]

Erin Palumbo | MS Textile Design, 2021

Congratulations Erin Palumbo! Erin used natural fibers and natural dye processes to design and create bespoke babywear for eco-conscious mothers. Erin has received a Master […]


Becky Flax

Becky Flax is a design enthusiast. Her endless love of learning drives her passion for ideation and innovation. Having the overwhelming fortune to teach at […]

Meghan Kelly

Meghan Kelly is an assistant professor of Textile Design at Jefferson University, where she teaches Knit Design Studio and Knitting Technology to undergrad and graduate […]

Marcia Weiss

Marcia Weiss is the Director of the Fashion & Textiles Futures Center, Director of the Textile Design programs, Professor of Textile Design and the Harold […]

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