Interview with a Capstone Student: Emily Radomski

How did you choose Textile Design as a major? Honestly, I stumbled upon it, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve always loved creating – in digital and physical mediums. I had taken graphic design...

User Experience and Interaction Design


Rapid Feature Validation

Research and collaboration is at the crux of designing with purpose. Features and concepts can be quickly validated when findings and surroundings are properly utilized […]

Every Great Design Begins with Research

Two parts investigation, one part creativity—the recipe for building a better website for scientists is as rigorous as the research it’s designed to highlight. “You […]

Projects & Student Portfolios

Redesigning W3C Specification Experience

In Fall 2017, the User Experience and Interaction Design program at Jefferson University was invited to participate in a project with the World Wide Web Consortium […]

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