ITA Sweep! Congratulations to the Textile Design Winners!

Congratulations to the Textile Design students who absolutely swept the International Textile Alliance (ITA) Virginia Jackson Design competition! This is an awesome achievement. In fact, it’s so celebratory that it’s been written up by the revered publication Textiles out of  The Textile Institute in the UK. The students who participated and came home with wins are:

Katrina Kravchenko, MS Textile Design ‘24, 1st Place Dobby

Kelly Padulese-Czyzewski, MS Textile Design ‘23, 2nd Place Dobby

Emily Radomski, BS Textile Design ‘23, 1st Place Jacquard,

Sanika Borkar, MS Textile Design ‘24, Honorable Mention

Fatima Saifuddin, MS Textile Design ‘24, 1st Place Print

Skylar Strouss, BS Textile Design ‘24, 2nd Place Print

Textiles isn’t published online, but they were kind enough to send us a PDF copy of the article that we can share with you here. Please read the article below and congratulate these worthy folks when you see them next! Their hard work and excellent design skills are to be commended!

ITA 2023 Thomas Jefferson

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