AATCC Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to grad student Avanti Subramanian and undergrad Ashley Clark on their respective scholarships from AATCC!  Avanti received the AATCC Foundation Kanti and Hansa Jasani Family Textile Scholarship, and Ashley received the AATCC Foundation Delaware Valley Scholarship. Read on to see what they have to say in their own words.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Jasani family and to the AATCC (review) committee. I’m a textile print designer with a focus in sustainability, currently pursuing my master’s degree from Thomas Jefferson University. I like telling stories, and what I create will eventually hold the essence of my stories. I love painting, doodling, embroidery, and taking a quick nap whenever I can! I worked as a print designer for a couple of years in India and moved to the US in 2021. Living in countries with such varied cultural backgrounds really opened up my world of design. I met new people, saw new cities, experienced my first snowfall, and it’s been a beautiful journey. I believe that creation via collaboration is a unique way to push creative boundaries. The interdisciplinary approach helps look at textile design in new and unknown ways. Being an international student, receiving this scholarship not only helps with finances and visa status, but also makes me believe in and pursue my field of interest in textiles and print design. The scholarship encourages me to broaden my knowledge and grow as a person. It will allow me to seek answers, and craft solutions that can impact the world around me slightly better. I hope to work with companies that have a great work culture and make beautiful meaningful designs that impact our community in a better way. Eventually, I would like to work and create a positive change in the craft communities in India with all the experience and learning I gain from my time here.

I am a rising sophomore at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA working towards my Bachelor of Science in Textile Design. Being from a small town in Connecticut, coming to Jefferson has brought a world of opportunity! At school, I am progressing through the curriculum for textile design, learning about knit, weave, and print design. I am also involved in two research projects: I work with one of my professors, Becky Flax, researching bacterial cellulose material. Additionally, I work with Dr. Ron Kander and his group on a project striving to blend hemp fiber waste from Pennsylvania farms with PLA plastic to create a profitable material. These two projects reflect the more science and material-based path I hope to take with my textile education. I plan to pursue a master’s degree related to Textile Engineering and Materials Science, to research bio-based alternatives to traditional textiles, primarily focused on the apparel industry. I am genuinely interested in the full spectrum of design fields, but feel most drawn to explore materiality through textiles. Receiving the AATCC Foundation Delaware Valley Section Scholarship will support me through my second year of undergraduate education, ultimately aiding my progress towards the future I aspire to achieve. Not only that, but it will help keep me connected with groups like AATCC which will increase my knowledge on related topics. I am tremendously grateful for this scholarship and look forward to the many plant-based paths my education and career take me!

Thank you, AATCC, for continuing to support the youth in their pursuit of an education in textiles!

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