Fashion Design | Spring 2020 Capstone Collections

If you enjoyed the 2020 Fashion Design Senior Look Book, you will love the Collection II Capstone Videos put together by our recently graduated Fashion Design Class of 2020!

In 2020, a year where the fashion industry is experiencing significant change and acknowledging hard truths about itself, shifting to a more digital platform allows designers to explore alternative ways of presenting work and communicating their messages. Taking inspiration from this digital push, Jefferson Fashion Design is incorporating more digital messaging into the curriculum. During the fall 2019 semester, students’ collection I work was photographed on professional models for features in the 2020 Jefferson Fashion Design Look Book. In collection II, senior students were asked to create video presentations in which each designer could communicate their concept and design direction through their own voice to a wider audience.

“Greetings from Planet Glamtron”, collection II by Dahlia Spivey, uses color, print, and texture to bring a fresh perspective to intergalactic fashion. This presentation will truly take you out of this world.

Transitioning a traditionally studio style class such as collection into a virtual one, like many other classes of this nature, came with its own set of challenges, as COVID-19 forced campus to shut down. While many students felt at a loss when they had to physically stop sewing their collections, this experience allowed students to develop other fashion skills. Instead of focusing on the end product, students were able to open themselves up more and see the value in the entire process. Students utilized the extra time not sewing garments to perfect their concepts, product merchandising, tech packs, and portfolio development. In an industry centered around constant change with many outside forces playing a role, the students’ ability to adapt to unexpected obstacles will prove to be one of their most beneficial skills in the fashion industry.

“I Rise”, collection II by Faith McGary, celebrates women throughout history and overcoming obstacles. Faith uses the words of “And Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou to inspire her color palette. 

Traditionally, the fashion design senior capstone classes, called Collection I & II, culminate in large critiques with many professors, students, and guest critics in attendance. These critiques allow student designers an opportunity to discuss their ideas, concepts, process, challenges, and overall successes surrounding the collection to a large audience. Since gathering individuals together in the same room for a critique this spring was not an option, recorded video presentations served as a means for students to communicate design direction virtually. Students created PowerPoint style presentations with voice-over explanations in their own voice. These presentations give you a behind the scenes look at what inspires these designers and how they transform their inspiration into beautiful clothing designs. The results are 34 beautifully written and visually stunning collection videos available online for everyone!

“Biophilic Future”, collection II by Galilea Montero, looks to sustainable architecture for shape and material exploration. Asymmetrical styling and layered elements create fresh silhouettes that feel new and exciting.

Browse the designers’ collections here, watch the videos, and get acquainted with the future fashion industry leaders!

Marin Bunner | Layered Relations

Anna DeStefano | Arctic Isolation

Tatiana Del Valle | Please Wake Up 

Alyssa Diamond | Tesseract

Amanda Ebeling | It’s the Simple Things

Mira Franzel | Back in the U.S.S.R.

Shannon Frawley | To the Bone

Sierra Greenberg | Mother

Meredith Hane | Confidence is Ancient

Samm Heupel | Deadly Deception

Anna Hutchinson | Baroque Abstraction 

Allison Laskowski | Fire and Ice

Meredith Levy | Sloth + Robot

Carly McAndrew | Bays of Bleach

Faith McGary | I Rise

Melissa McGowan | Bonded

Galilea Montero | Biophilic Future

Allison Moore | Order of Protection

Judie Ngo | Roots 

Kim Nguyen | La Maison du Cirque

Maura Owens | From Anna, With Love

Nicole Owens | Waves of Isolation 

Jennifer Palacios | Of the Water

Annie Poletick | Nocturnality

Hayley Popolo | Looking Through London’s Eye

Julianne Rodriguez | Roaring Resistance 

Sabrina Sabatini | The False Prophet

Miaysha Scott-Horshaw | Rock Stars Never Die

Robin Skodi | Atomic New Age

Jillian Smith | Fashion! Turn to the Left

Marquies Smith | Beauty of Decay

Dahlia Spivey | Greetings from Planet Glamtron 

Chloe Swidler | Vital Dissonance


Featured Image: Fashion Illustrations from Judie Ngo’s collection II entitled “Roots”


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