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Alyssa Diamond 2020 Fashion Design Capstone

Alyssa Diamond’s senior collection II, entitled “Tesseract”, is a men’s and women’s athleisure collection inspired by black hole navigation and exploration.The color palette and print […]

Amanda Ebeling 2020 Fashion Design Capstone

Amanda Ebeling’s senior collection II, entitled “It’s the Simple Things”, is a women’s resortwear collection inspired by finding joy in life’s mundane tasks, like grocery […]

Carly McAndrew 2020 Fashion Design Capstone

Carly McAndrew’s senior collection II, entitled “Bays of Bleach”, is inspired by the environmental  issue of coral bleaching and ceramic artist Courtney Mattison. The silhouettes, […]

Jennifer Palacios 2020 Fashion Design Capstone

Jennifer Palacios senior collection II, entitled “Of the Water”, takes inspiration from Nicaragua’s natural landscape, colorful history, and rich tradition. Performance fabrics in bold prints […]