AATCC Textile Discovery Summit with TD Grad Kavyashree Mruthyunjaya Swamy

Please tell us about the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit. How did you hear about it, and what led to your invitation to present your research? 

I’m a student member of AATCC, and I initially discovered the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit through their official communications and website, thanks to my membership.

My invitation to present my research at the Summit stemmed from my active involvement in AATCC events and my engagement with the textile community. Previously, I had the opportunity to showcase my research during a virtual meeting as a student researcher. I also consistently shared my research findings and applied for their fellowships. In December 2022, I was fortunate to receive the AATCC Student Research Grant for my work on “A Study on Multi Color Screen Printing Effects on Regenerated and Natural Fabrics with Selected Natural Dyes.” This recognition significantly influenced my invitation to present at the Textile Discovery Summit.

Participating in the Summit was a tremendous honor, and I received valuable feedback and compliments from textile enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The theme this year was Supporting Sustainability through Innovation. How did your research relate to this topic?

My research on the study of multi-color screen printing effects on regenerated and natural fabrics with selected natural dyes, explicitly focusing on cotton, silk, and modal fabrics with Indigo, sappanwood, and marigold, directly aligns with this year’s theme of “Supporting Sustainability through Innovation.”

Firstly, my research contributes to sustainability by exploring natural dyes. Natural dyes are eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic dyes, reducing the environmental impact associated with the textile industry. By investigating their application on various fabric types, including regenerated and natural fabrics, we are exploring innovative methods to reduce the reliance on harmful chemical dyes, thus supporting sustainability.

The focus on multi-color screen printing techniques also introduces innovative textile design and production approaches. By understanding how to create vibrant and appealing designs using these sustainable methods, we can encourage adopting more environmentally friendly practices within the textile and fashion industries.

To sum it up, my research perfectly aligns with the theme of “Supporting Sustainability through Innovation” as it involves the exploration of eco-friendly natural dyes and the developing of innovative multi-color screen printing techniques on diverse fabrics, all aimed at advancing sustainable practices within the textile industry.

What was the most surprising or interesting thing you learned at the Summit? 

The most surprising and fascinating discovery I made at the Summit was the innovative use of synthetic dyes sustainably. Learning how to harness synthetic dyes to reduce their environmental impact and make them more eco-friendly was truly eye-opening. It’s a significant breakthrough that could revolutionize the textile industry by mitigating the harmful effects traditionally associated with synthetic dyes.

Additionally, the knowledge I gained about degradable polyester (polylactide) was incredibly intriguing. The fact that this material can naturally degrade within just five years under certain environmental conditions represents a remarkable advancement in the textile field. This breakthrough holds promise for reducing textile waste and aligns perfectly with the overarching theme of sustainability, a prevalent topic of discussion at the Summit. It clearly indicates how innovative approaches and materials drive positive change in the textile industry. I’m excited to see how these developments will shape the future of textiles.

What else should we know about the experience?

My experience at the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit was undeniably enriching and enlightening. In addition to the extraordinary strides made in textile technology and sustainability, as I mentioned earlier, several remarkable aspects rendered this event truly exceptional.

One particular highlight was the unparalleled networking opportunities. The Summit was an optimal platform for connecting with fellow researchers, industry professionals, and textile experts. These interactions facilitated invaluable discussions, the free flow of ideas, and the establishment of potential collaborations. It was about more than just absorbing knowledge from the presentations; it was about cultivating relationships with individuals who are profoundly committed to advancing innovation and sustainability in the textile realm. This event broadened my comprehension of the textile industry and enabled me to establish profound connections with fellow professionals and industry leaders. It was a genuinely enriching and refreshing experience.

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