2024 Jefferson X Mimaki Fashion Design Competition

The 2024 Mimaki Fashion Design Competition at Thomas Jefferson University showcased the intersection of creativity and technology through stunning garments crafted by six students within the BS Fashion Design program. Leveraging Mimaki’s industry-leading digital printing technology, participants transformed custom-designed printed fabrics into breathtaking pieces that blended artistry with sustainable design practices.

Mimaki is the industry leader in digital textile printing, and has revolutionized sustainable textile printing and garment production through their “microfactory” model. This model showcases how in-house textile printing technology can be employed to streamline all stages of garment creation under one roof- from the printing of fabric yardage through final garment construction. The process not only saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary shipping supplies and funds, but also provides a more sustainable solution to the traditional garment production model.

Fashion Design student participants in this competition were tasked with creating two unique garments utilizing their own custom designed prints created using Adobe design software. Each garment produced was a testament to the students’ vision and technical skill, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion design. From intricate patterns to bold motifs, the designs not only reflected personal narratives but also incorporated sustainable practices and cutting-edge techniques. By challenging students to consider sustainability in their designs, many students explored the use of deadstock fabrics for trims and finishing, 3D design software to eliminate excess pattern waste, and even inspirational concepts that spoke to the need for more eco-consciousness in the industry.

The competition culminated in the announcement of junior student Erin Keefe as the 2024 winner. She received a $1000 scholarship, highlighting the Mimaki’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. Beyond the monetary prize, participants benefited from invaluable mentorship and feedback from industry experts, enriching their educational journey and preparing them for future careers in the dynamic field of fashion.

The 2024 Mimaki Design Competition not only celebrated individual creativity but also underscored the importance of sustainable design and the transformative potential of technology in design. As we applaud this year’s participants for their outstanding achievements, we look forward to witnessing their continued impact on the fashion industry and beyond.

Winning Designs- Erin Keefe, Class of 2025

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