Behind the Seams with Jefferson Fashion Design Class of 2023

Lights, Camera… Action! On Saturday, May 6th, the TJU Fashion Design Department hosted Behind the Seams: A 2023 Jefferson Fashion Film Premiere & Collection Preview. The event marked the first screening of the 2023 Fashion Film, and debuted the Fashion Design department’s first live-model runway show since pre-COVID.  With a sold-out crowd of over 500 students, faculty, family, friends, and guests, the event featured the Class of 2023 and their work in all its well-deserved glory.

Similar to the 2021 & 2022 fashion films, this year’s documentary-style film interviews members of the senior graduating class about their collections, inspirations, and aspirations. The designers lend insider perspective on the stories, challenges, and visual inspirations behind their collections. This year, the film also highlights each designers’ motivations and missions for the future of fashion, including pushes for sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, genderless fashion, and even the question of “what really is fashion?”. Jefferson’s unique focus on technology and collaboration also feature forefront in the film, as students speak to their experiences working alongside textile designers, animators, and other design disciplines in order to accomplish their overall vision for the collection.

Immediately following the film, the room’s energy electrified as runway lights came up, music pumped through the speakers, and models wearing looks from the senior graduates strutted the illuminated runway. The room buzzed with awe and admiration as one look from each designer featured from all angles on the big screens and on the larger-than-life runway. The bustling energy continued far beyond the runway as guests were invited to take a closer look at garments from each senior collection on display at the event. A life-size LED screen displayed a virtual runway featuring clips created by members of the senior class in their 3D Virtual Fashion Design course. This loop included digital renderings from some of the senior collections physically on display at the event, bringing the message of technology and the future of fashion full-circle at the event. A truly incredible night celebrating hard-work, determination, and overcoming obstacles.

We invite everyone to watch the 2023 Jefferson Fashion Design Film online here and to explore the debut collections from these young, emerging designers.


Congratulations Jefferson Fashion Design Class of 2023!

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