Industrial Design Speaker Series: Developing Your Portfolio

Industrial Design Speaker Series: Developing Your Portfolio

The Industrial Design program provides students with the knowledge, experience, and skills to build long-term careers as designers. ID alumni work in a vast array of positions in the field – from start-up brands to multi-billion dollar companies. However, the main concern for many students is how exactly to effectively showcase their skills to this wide range of potential employers and collaborators.

An example of an effective portfolio spread shown during the presentation portion of the evening.

The newest addition our Industrial Design Speaker Series addresses exactly that. Recently, the department partnered with Jefferson’s Career Services office to host an evening panel discussion by top-level industrial design professionals on what employers look for in a portfolio. Alums from Jefferson came to represent their companies, explain their jobs and discuss in detail how they review the work of potential hires. Resume construction, design presentation, and interview tips were just some of the many topics that were discussed. It was a valuable evening of industry-driven insights for the students who ranged from undergrad freshmen to second-year grad students.

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