Textile Design Spring Speakers Series

It’s that time of year, time for our annual Spring Speakers Series event! This event brings textile industry movers and shakers into the Textile Design studio to talk about their journeys and careers, the industry at large, and what to expect in the life of a textile designer.

This year we have three presentations across three days, at staggered times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. We are very excited to host Kristen Dettoni, Drew McKevitt & Suzanne Oude, and Topher Anderson, all major players in their respective fields.

Each presentation will be held virtually. Click the links below to register for each presentation. (Registering for one will not register you for all).

Monday, Feb 21 – 11:00 am EST – Kristen Dettoni
“Artist, Designer, Owner, Spy (Well, Sort of)”
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Tuesday, Feb 22 – 1:00 pm EST – Drew McKevitt & Suzanne Oude Hengel
“Knit Design for Performance/Footwear”
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Wednesday, Feb 23 – 3:00 pm EST – Topher Anderson
“Smart Textiles”
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