Textile Design Capstone: Mia Thorsen

Next up in our lineup of graduation Textile Design students is Mia Thorsen who writes so engagingly about the power of inspiration.

As a designer, the most important skill I have developed is the art of observation. Where will my next inspiration come from? Is it a stone I found on a walk through the park? A song that has been stuck in my head? A cool lamp in a thrift store? Absolutely anything can strike an idea in us, and it is important to open our eyes for opportunities of inspiration.

While coming up with a concept for my Capstone project, I found myself drowning in ideas and lacking solid inspiration. I didn’t have my eyes open. So, how did I overcome this? I watched a movie!

Though this was purely for entertainment purposes, watching “Practical Magic” with my roommate during a movie night was just what I needed to spark the idea that would become my Capstone project. From there, I was able to develop a whimsical and magical design direction inspired by witch culture and aesthetics. My research consisted of revisiting 90s Halloween movies and binge-watching “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”. I developed a direction and a set of muses to draw from: Luna Lovegood, Gillian Owens, Molly Weasley, even Stevie Nicks. I am designing something I love while doing what I enjoy all because I allowed myself to find inspiration in a fun movie.

So remember, keep your mind open to all the possibilities around you- you never know where your next great idea will come from.


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