Textile Design Capstone: Hope Porter

Our third capstone student, Hope Porter, clearly shows how fun and versatile textile design can be. 

My name is Hope Porter; my Capstone is a collection of woven and print fabrics for gender-neutral children’s clothing for autumn. Inspired by the warmth and joyful colors of late summer, I aim to bring a fun, playful palette to an area of the industry where gender neutrality tends to mean color neutrality as well.

I chose to focus mainly on wovens, including both hand-woven and jacquard woven pieces, because I find the most joy in weaving. I want to infuse that energy into the collection, which is designed for kids to feel cozy and colorful while playing outside as it starts to get chillier. I have been working with non-traditional plaids, comfy cords, and plush stuffed jacquards to really bring this collection to life. Embracing the opportunity to use cute creatures (some of my own inventions) alongside foliage and flowers evokes outdoor adventures and imaginative play.

I have been using my print designs as an opportunity to try new media, such as stamp making, to make repeats that have a fun, informal energy, like children’s artwork, that kids can enjoy, as well as the adults who want to buy fun clothing for them.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a collection that invites all who see it to smile and reminisce about the joys of childhood. It gives parents new options for their children, where they can simply be children outside of the traditional pink and blue binary.


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