Textile Design Capstone: Isabela Moreno

It’s springtime! Which means it’s time to highlight the work of our graduating students. First up is Isabela “Bel” Moreno, who is creating a collection of garments for confident women. Bel spent some time in Fashion Design, and you can see that strong influence here. 

My capstone collection, “Vixen,” is a Women’s F/W ’24 Ready-to-wear line with four interchangeable looks. The collection consists of knits and prints I designed over the last year.

Conceptually, “Vixen” is a fusion of romance and lusty themes created with a hyper-femme edge. “Vixen” embraces a flirty palette with sultry silhouettes to show off passionate, unapologetic confidence. My capstone collection aims to create functional textiles that would be seen in the fashion industry by creating a series of garments. I would like to not only show off my personal design style that sets me apart from others but also display the textile skill sets I have gained throughout my time as a student.


A career goal of mine is to have my own clothing brand, “Vixen,” which is essentially a mock-up of what one of the many seasonal collections I would release would look like. I am heavily inspired by brands such as Jaded London, I.AM.GIA, Betsy Johnson, and Ed Hardy which cater to bold individuals.

In order to get all the trends, visual merchandising, fashion, textile, and even graphic design information that I need, I go right to my sketchbook. My work has greatly benefited from using my sketchbook throughout my design process. The most important thing is creating pages that inspire and educate oneself to explore all the design possibilities within a textile design career. Adding images, illustrations, notes, technical patterns, and fabric swatches helps me bring my designs to life.


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