Industrial Design Wins IDEA Gold Award

What do the Tesla Model S, the Apple iPhone and the Swell Surf Foot all have in common?

They’ve all been awarded industrial design’s highest accolade, the IDEA Gold Award.

Last week, Jefferson Industrial Design program grads Zach Samalonis (BsID ’19) and Yuhan Zhang (BsID ’19) won the International Design Excellence Award (Gold Level). This prestigious recognition, awarded by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), “recognizes products and services that encourage, inspire, and push our industry forward. The Swell Surf Foot is a low-cost waterproof prosthetic foot with increased ankle mobility to enable correct surfing mechanics.

Zach and Yuhan designed Swell as their Senior Capstone project. The Senior Capstone is the pinnacle of each student’s experience in the Jefferson ID program. Guided by faculty, two-student design teams dedicate their entire senior year to a single project. Each project is designed to be a showcase of all that they’ve learned over the previous three years as well as a springboard into the professional industrial design world. The extended timeframe allows teams to go in-depth and address a single challenge, build a circle of professional advisors and thoroughly resolve the technical aspects of their design. The results become the centerpiece of their portfolios and a key differentiator in the job market.

Congratulations on a well-deserved win, Zach and Yuhan!

To learn more about the project, click below:


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