Fashion Design Alumni Interview: Tiana McCarthy- Class of 2022

Meet Thomas Jefferson University Fashion Design Alum, Tiana McCarthy. Tiana graduated in 2022 and is currently an Assistant Designer at The Children’s Place. We caught up with Tiana to learn more about her career journey and what inspires her creativity. 


Tell us a little about your life and career journey since graduation.

“I am currently working for The Children’s Place corporate headquarters in New Jersey as an assistant designer and I have been there for 8 months.”


How did you choose fashion design as a major?

“I’ve I always had the desire to sew since watching my aunt sew at home and never use patterns haha. I started sewing in high school at 14 since we had classes that taught sewing. I fell in love the process of watching paper sketches turn into real life designs on a form. I fell in love with the hands on process and how creative I could be. After that, I knew that fashion was the creative lane I wanted to major in.”


What drives you to make your best work?

“The desire to make work that I am proud and would want to see different celebrities wearing”


What are your hobbies? How do you make time for them?

“I love to write and read. I enjoying writing poetry and seeing other poets perform at different open mics. Another hobby I picked up post-grad is reading more fictional books and poetry novels by women of color.”


How did you feel when you first saw your design come to life?

“I was amazed, because I watched images created in my head go from paper to fabric to stunning fashion wrapped onto a real-life body.”


What is the most challenging part of being a designer?

“As a designer, I have so many different creative avenues I want to pursue. I have become to multi-passionate that I want to put my hands to anything that is creative, whether that’s sketching, draping, painting, writing, or curating photoshoots.”


What do you miss the most about your time at Jefferson/ Philau?

“I miss working with my hands more being that I work in a corporate environment. I wish I was sewing and using different machinery more regularly in my corporate job.”


What surprised you the most about working in the industry?

“The people you work with make or break your job. The work can become mundane but the people you work with can change the work environment.”


If you could go back in time, what do you wish you could tell your freshmen/ senior self?

“I would tell myself to make more time for activities that bring you joy to allow your mind to be refreshed creatively. I’d also tell myself to please sleep more.”


What’s next for you?

“Pursuing more than fashion, but all creative avenues and ways to be sustainable and activist while doing so.”





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