Visual Communication Design and Health Communication Design Alumni win Graphis New Talent Awards!

Graphis New Talent is a renowned competition for design students juried by a group of award-winning industry professionals. The projects below will appear in 2022 Graphis New Talent printed publication & are featured on the Graphis website.


Jolie Zinn VCD ‘20
2022 Graphis New Talent: Silver
COVID-19 Extension Signage System for the NYC Transit Authority

Developed during the Visual Communication Design special elective Experiential Graphic Design the spring coronavirus swept the world like nothing we’ve seen before. Basing her design on the original MTA Brand Guidelines (M. Vigenlli, 1970) and following current MTA regulations, Zinn created an extension signage and icon system to apply to COVID-19 safety mandates. The system introduces a new purple color that contrasts the interior oranges and yellows in the subway cars and includes environmental graphics, an icon system, signage, and wayfinding.


Maria Woyden Visual Communication Design ’21 

2022 Graphis New Talent: Silver


Addressing mental health issues in young women for her Capstone, Woyden developed Metanoia, a brand that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)  to promote confidence from within. By combining print and digital resources, and creating a journal full of prompted CBT activities, Metanoia helps young minds surpass their limiting beliefs and blossom into who they truly want to be.


(HCDM 21’) Eli Steiker-Ginzberg, Iman Morsy, Stephen Andreo
(VCD 22’) Anna-Marie Belfon, Nicholas DiNallo, Aryana Shah, Katie Fulcher
(VCD 21’) Noel Cucuzza, Ryan Monte, Hannah Tobinous, Dawson Skipper

2022 Graphis New Talent: Honorable Mention
A Visual Report on the Effects of COVID-19 on Culture & Society.

The collaborative project of students of the elective Issues in Information Design and Masters of Health Communication Design elective Communicating Health Data received an Honorable Mention for A Visual Report on the Effects of COVID-19 on Culture & Society.

After becoming accustomed to looking at charts that graph the toll COVID-19 has on the human population and the healthcare system, this report addresses the peripheral effects of COVID-19. 

After analyzing data sources, students began to look for critical insights in the data and consider what visual forms would best communicate these findings, what the story is, and how that will determine the information’s presentation. Students worked collaboratively to design the publication styles, creating an icon system, a color palette, and a shared design template.

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