Gabriel Ortiz | Textile Design Thesis 2020

May 15, 2020

This investigation will explore and quantify variables for a designer/artist to augment & impact the perception of an observer through woven & printed textiles using wool fiber & yarn as a main medium. The work and research begins with the understanding of spatial analysis and culture. Color Theory approaches & techniques are explored via academic research as well as iterative design “prototypes” to determine, understand and dictate variables and constants with respect to the overall process. A body of work was produced based on the principals determined necessary to convey an understanding of theory and practice. This investigation explores the intersection and perceptions of light, color, material & space. Through the research and perspectives areas of study such as psychology, architecture, textile design & industrial design as they pertain to light, color and perception will be explored. The areas within Color Theory that will be explored are Additive vs Subtractive Color, Volume and Color, Color Contrast and Assimilation. The importance of this provides the designer with an understanding as to how to analyze, plan and execute surface, color and lighting characteristics for color theory, especially color illusions for apparel, home and interiors industry. By understanding the mechanics of how the observer engages with light and the object a designer can intervene to bend, push and pull color fields and spaces. The work produced through this time will shift hue, chroma, & lightness using additive lighting components to subtract color from the textiles to shift color fields manipulating what the observer sees. The motivation of this investigation is to provide an engaging experience through color & material while augmenting the perception of space and hue through lighting.

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