Phew! Midterms are over!

Our Textile Design graduate students, like most students here on the East Falls campus, are recovering from midterms this week. Midterms in a semester like no other semester that we have ever experienced; talk about stress! However, our students rolled with the punches and came through with grace. The following is a single image or page from each of their presentations. This is just a taste of the amazing work that is coming out of the Textile Design department this semester. As we get closer to the end, look out for more detailed peeks into the work of our hard-working and talented students.

Jacqueline Moore, print


Kara Beckner, weave


Erin Palumbo, knit


Kristen Tynan, weave


Kelly Padulese Czyzewski, weave


Sinéad Cahill, weave


Siyu Mao, weave


Olivia Manning, print


Danjuma Ochai, print


Emily Robinson, weave


Tina Kreibich, knit


Didounia Williams, print


Isabel Ramos, knit


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