Murrell Dobbins High School Students Visit Jefferson Fashion Design

On Thursday, March 2nd, 30 fashion-focused students from Murrell Dobbins High School had the opportunity to gain insight into the fashion industry and experience creative concept development within the Jefferson Fashion Design studios. Together with current Jefferson Fashion Design students, these high schoolers were provided with the opportunity to create inspirational moodboards with complex and interesting narratives.

Murrell Dobbins Career & Technical Education High School, also known as Murrell Dobbins Vocational High School, is a historic vocational school located in North Philadelphia. Students entering their sophomore year at the high school are encouraged to choose from one of their 12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways of study: Barbering, Biotechnology, Building & Property Maintenance, Business Administration, Commercial & Advertising Arts, Computer Networking, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, or Music Production. Students from the fashion specific path visited Thomas Jefferson University’s East Falls campus to learn about the Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising & Management Programs, as well as speak with current students and faculty about their experiences.

Students met with the faculty members and students of the Fashion Design Department, who shared their experiences and provided insights into the design process. The faculty members and students also gave the Murrel Dobbins high school students a tour of the department, including the design studios and the production facilities, which allowed the students to see the various stages of production.

This visit was particularly beneficial for the Murrel Dobbins high school students as it exposed them to a potential career path and provided them with an opportunity to see the practical applications of what they are learning in their fashion design classes. The students were able to interact with professionals and current students in the fashion industry and ask questions, gaining valuable insights and advice.

In addition, the visit was also an opportunity for the Thomas Jefferson University Fashion Design Department to showcase its program and the opportunities available for students interested in pursuing a career in fashion design. The visit was a win-win situation for both parties as it provided valuable educational experiences for the Murrel Dobbins high school students and promoted the Thomas Jefferson University Fashion Design Department.

After an exciting afternoon developing collection concepts and exploring visual research, Murrel Dobbins high school students visited Fashion Merchandising & Management to learn more about product marketing, promotion, and the importance of digital content for brand marketing. We thank all of the Murrel Dobbins high school students and staff that visited the university, and hope to see some of them again in the future as Jefferson students.


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