Industry Presentation: Crypton

A visit from industry professionals is always a treat for students. Earlier this month, representatives from Crypton shared a wealth of knowledge with students in Textile Design Studio 3: Interiors. Jack Eger, Senior Vice President at Crypton Fabrics, was joined by Denise Gutierrez, Design Director of Crypton Home, and Kevin Smith, Director of Furniture Sales of Crypton Home. Denise is also a longtime and well-loved adjunct instructor in the Textile Design program.

Denise shared her process as Design Director, taking her inspiration images to a final fabric collection. This opened questions from the class asking Denise where she gets her inspiration and how the company lands on color trends for upcoming seasons. Many of Denise’s color and trend resources are also available to TJU Textile Design students through the Paul J Gutman Library, including WGSN, Pantone, and Fashion Snoops. Jack demonstrated the stainresistant and cleanability properties of Crypton fabrics and discussed the performance characteristics of Crypton fabrics. The group shared their experiences and how they got to where they are in the textile industry.

As an alum of the Textile Design Program at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, now known as Thomas Jefferson University, Denise found her path by working for a company as a Textile Designer out of college, moving on to another company as Director of Merchandising, then moving on to another company in sourcing and design director role and finally landing at Crypton Home as Design Director. Meanwhile, Jack grew up in Philadelphia, surrounded by the textile industry. The allure of the weavers and the makeup of the looms and fabrics drew Jack into his first job at a mill breaking down old looms. From there, he worked on the weaving floor and learned the ins and outs of the business, from manufacturing to sales. On the other hand, Kevin started in construction, then found his way into print design sales, and is now in his role at Crypton. What students came to find out is that there are many paths one can take in the textile industry, and there are many steps along the supply chain where one can make their mark.

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