VISUAL DIARY: Industrial Design Students Visit Hong Kong & China

The skyline of Shanghai, the third stop on our journey.
The skyline of Shanghai, the third stop on our journey.   Image: Chetna Sharma


Students from the Jefferson Industrial Design Programs (BsID and MsID) recently travelled to Hong Kong and China as part of our annual Study Abroad China Trip.

The journey is designed to give students firsthand experience with Asian design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities as well as allow them to get comfortable moving independently within Asian cities and design cultures. The trip’s 10-day timeframe coincides perfectly with the University’s Spring Break period so there’s no classes for students to catch up on when they return.

Many of our alumni report that one of their first responsibilities when they were hired for their first ID position was to travel to Asia to oversee various parts of the design and manufacturing process. This trip gives students a broad-based preview of that so they can truly hit the ground running upon graduation.

Over the course of ten event-filled days, the group made stops in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai visiting design schools, electronics markets, prototyping facilities and major manufacturers. Following is a short visual diary of the trip…

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