TPS/ TMT Summer Internship Results in Peer-Reviewed Paper

Bryce Peckman is a senior Textile Product Science/ Textile Materials Technology student concentrating in Sustainability. She spent this past summer interning for dermatologist Dr. Erum Ilyas, founder of AmberNoon, who designs business casual sun-protective clothing. Bryce researched ultraviolet resistant textiles and their effectiveness as an alternative method of sun protection. She studied the many mechanisms of creating UV-resistant apparel including choices in fiber content, woven or knit structure, and application of chemical finishes. Bryce was able to share her growing knowledge in textile chemistry and technology to an interdisciplinary team. Her work, in addition to research by a Drexel Medicine student, and a practicing dermatologist resulted in two manuscripts that are currently in the process of being published by a peer-reviewed dermatology journal.


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