The 2018 ID Sprint Project: Examining the Adolescent Patient Experience with JeffSolves.

The Project Launch in the Hayward Hall ID Studios
The Project Launch in the Hayward Hall ID Studios

In this year’s Industrial Design Sprint Project, students are partnering with JeffSolves to design the future of the adolescent patient experience. JeffSolves a project incubator created to generate innovative approaches for diseases that lack effective treatments and could benefit from new therapies developed at Jefferson.

The Sprint Project itself is very much a tradition in the ID Dept. In fact, this semester marks the 18th year this unique project has run. Here’s how it works: students are divided up into multi-year groups from across the program, one student from each year including grad students. The undergrad Junior in each team serves as team manager. An outside client  (this year, JeffSolves) is brought in and the teams concentrate their collective efforts on the Project Brief for that client. All classes in both the Graduate and Undergraduate ID programs are dedicated to the project for the span of one week and work continues around the clock.

It’s a project that students have found to be of tremendous value year after year, especially in regard to their portfolio development. It serves as evidence that the student knows what it means to work with a real-world client and that they’re able to navigate the inherent demands of such a project.

We look forward to great week of close collaboration and insightful design!

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