Textile Design Capstone: Emily Radomski

“Circular Swim” is a capsule collection of modest swimwear garments designed by Textile Design B.S. Senior Emily Radomski, ’23. As a capsule collection, Emily’s intention is to have her versatile swimwear seamlessly integrated into everyday fashion as well as serve its main use as stylish performance swimwear. Each piece she designs will also be able to be mixed and matched with one another to create more opportunities for wearability and to maximize the use of the garments overall. The garment silhouettes draw inspiration from 1940s swimwear while also integrating modern-day design and color trends.

Emily is utilizing knitting technology to create these garments by programming her designs to be knit on our Santoni SM8-TOP2v circular knitting machine. Emily has a strong passion for knit programming and is inspired by the sustainable benefits that automated knitting machines like our Santoni provide.

Encoded in her design files is the pattern of the garment silhouette, where Emily has assigned knit structures that inherently draw in or expand the width of the tube of fabric that comes off the machine to achieve the desired silhouette without the need for cut and sew, also eliminating much of the unnecessary waste involved in the traditional way of creating swimwear. There are so many opportunities that present themselves in knit programming and knit technology. Emily’s final collection will be an exciting representation of one of the many possibilities in this realm of Textile Design.


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