Malik Fequiere | Graphic Design Capstone 2020

May 14, 2020


“While reading Meggs’ “History of Graphic Design,” it dawned on me that there was not a single person of color within the textbook. This left me to ask, how are we supposed to be well-rounded designers when the textbook that our discipline has used for over 4 decades, does not reflect the world we live in?

A.SPACE is a network of modern museums that exhibits African American figures forgotten by the canon set forth by Meggs’ textbook. Each exhibit is an interactive experience that connects an artist and designer. The connections birth collaborations, conversations, and confidence. A.SPACEĀ  hosts talks, workshops, and performances with programming for youth and professionals that have been disproportionately left out.

The design system includes an app, museum floor plans with elevations various exhibits, such as, Dapper Dan X Art Sims, Eddie Opara X Stella Jean, and Sylvia Harris X Heron Preston, as well as a series of collectable posters.”

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