Learning from the Best: Industrial Design Visits Stylex Seating

Jefferson Industrial Design students recently visited Stylex Seating as part of Professor Rob Melville’s Furniture Design I course. Established in 1956, Stylex is a major design-driven presence in the contract furniture world.

On arrival at the Stylex facility, students met with Director of Design Anthony Land. Anthony is an alum of the Jefferson ID program and began his career at Stylex as an intern before he graduated. Anthony walked students through the product development process, showing how array of testing rigs and prototypes are used to develop seating. Sustainability is a key concern for the company and Anthony explained how his design team utilizes recyclable materials that can be easily disassembled. Students then got to try out full-size mock-ups and tour the Stylex factory where the entire process of production happens under one roof.

In the Q&A session that followed, students learned how the Stylex design team brings their products to market by working with an array of stakeholders including users, specifiers and marketers. Anthony talked about the importance of essential skills such as sketching and how the realism of the Industrial Design education he received at Jefferson prepared him for his career.

As a part of Jefferson ID, you’ll connect with alumni just like Anthony. And from the time that you enter the program, our industry-driven best practices will ensure you master the skills that are in demand at top design-driven companies nationwide.

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