Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.43.39 AMJefferson ID Seniors Adam Hecht and Alex Tholl have launched a joint effort to propel the work of inventors, entrepreneurs and product startups. The duo officially came together as DiveDesign after years of working together on class projects and design competitions.

Immersing themselves in the entrepreneurship and inventor communities, Adam and Alex quickly observed a dramatic shortage of affordable industrial design services in this area. They realized they could use their skills to could bridge this gap and assembled a suite of design services tailored to the unique needs of startups and inventors. From physical prototypes to user interaction to specifications for mass manufacturing, DiveDesign can bring an inventor’s vision to life.

And they’re assembling an impressive track record of doing just that. Since their launch, DiveDesign has successfully partnered with an array of entrepreneurs and companies such as Anne London, SparkCharge, Innovation Factory and Performance Brands.

Read more about DiveDesign here.

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