Sara Maguire | Graphic Design Capstone 2020

May 14, 2020

Tranquil Tarot

The goal of Tranquil Tarot is to position the practice of tarot cards as a personal tool that helps the user better cope with general anxiety. While many people experience general anxiety, many do not know how to cope with it or are tired of traditional methods. Tranquil Tarot is created for the age range of 16—28 year olds who experience general anxiety due to major transitions in their life such as switching schools, going to college, or attaining a new career. My solution is to encourage people to use tarot as a form of self reflection in order for them to gain a new perspective on the situation that they are currently going through. This will help their mind focus on a new subject and help to build confidence through positive reassurance. Tranquil Tarot consists of a modernized illustrated tarot deck, a tarot book guide, a reflection journal & sketchbook, and an app to connect with your friends.

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