Industrial Design Sprint: DAY 2

The student design teams are hard at work on the week-long Industrial Design Sprint Project. Our client this year is UNION, the product design and strategy division of Shea & Latone, a world-class independent design consultancy.

The teams have been charged with designing an effective workspace for nomadic workers.

Nomadic workers are those whose jobs offer the ability work from various locations rather sit in a single office. It may be a far-off destination with no need to visit an office at all, they might work from home and visit an office occasionally, or they might work in a communal office where they have no dedicated area and move from space to space. They dislike the uninspiring nature of working in one place, even within an office and rely heavily on mobile technology.

This burgeoning demographic has created a demand for dedicated co-working spaces and products that address the unique needs of this group. Nearing the halfway point of this weeklong project, the design teams are currently in the research and ideation phase. They’ll present the current state of their projects to the client at Friday’s Midpoint Critique.


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