Industrial Design Sprint: DAY 3

The parameters of an industrial design project are often called the “project brief”. The brief provides the boundaries, requirements and deliverables of a given project. In other words, it’s the road map. The parameters of this year’s Sprint project brief for UNION, (the product design and strategy division of design consultancy Shea & Latone) are particularly rich:

The teams are designing an effective workspace for nomadic workers. In addition, the design must:

– Promote flexibility in work locations.

– Offer visual privacy.

– Be stored, stowed, or moved easily.

– Facilitate working on laptops or tablets.

– Allow movement within spaces.

– Be beautiful.

The balancing all of these considerations is the essence of what a strong project will consist of. It’s a complex task that requires maximum effort from every member of a team but one that students are well-prepared for. The initial designs are created and the client feedback is to come via today’s mid-crit. We look forward to an exciting and productive dialogue!

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