Industrial Design: Every Professor Is Yours

In the Industrial Design program, you’ll often hear the phrase: “Every professor is your professor”. Our students are constantly discovering new ways in which that’s true.

First, Jefferson ID has a robust studio culture. Every year of the program – from freshmen through graduate students – are together in the same studios on the same hallway. It makes for a wonderful environment of creative collaboration in which professors and students alike are constantly exposed to each others projects as they develop.

Next, our faculty has a tremendous breadth of design experience across a wide range of areas from backpacks to medical devices to environmental signage, and each one of them is open and eager to lend that expertise to all the students in the program.

Lastly, we teach that good industrial design thrives on multiple points of view. So our students actively seek out new and diverse input on their work. Which is why Professor Lyn Godley stopped by the freshmen studio recently to talk with students who were in the midst of a chair design project. Lyn brought a unique viewpoint to the discussion with over three decades of furniture design experience that includes work now held in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

You never know who you’ll run into in the studios but you can be sure it’ll result an engaging, insightful discussion about your work!

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